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NYT > Health

Phys Ed: Exercise May Enhance the Effects of Brain Training
Improvements in memory were most striking among volunteers whose fitness had also improved the most, especially if they practiced brain training.
Skin Cancers Rise, Along With Questionable Treatments
Dermatology is booming, with private equity investments and an influx of physician assistants doing the work of doctors. Are patients being well served?
New Gene Treatment Effective for Some Leukemia Patients
By genetically altering a patient?s T-cells to attack more than one site on cancer cells, researchers hope to devise better treatments.
Sugar Industry Long Downplayed Potential Harms
The sugar industry funded animal research in the 1960s on sugar?s effects on heart health, then buried data suggesting sugar could be harmful.
What Turns Black Friday Shoppers Into Raging Hordes?
Social scientists and psychologists are trying to figure out why Black Friday shoppers behave so badly.
Personal Health: Clearing Up the Confusion About Salt
Excess sodium is responsible for most cases of hypertension, a leading risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.
Will Cutting the Health Mandate Pay for Tax Cuts? Not Necessarily
Americans dislike the requirement that everyone have health insurance. But eliminating it doesn?t mean that they?d stop buying coverage ? or accepting subsidies.
Amish Mutation Protects Against Diabetes and May Extend Life
Amish men and women who carried a genetic mutation appeared to be in better cardiovascular health and had longer telomeres, a barometer of longevity.
Men More Likely Than Women to Get CPR
Outside of hospitals, men are much more likely to get lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation than women.
Unearthed Raymond Chandler Story Rebukes U.S. Health Care System
You won?t find Philip Marlowe in the crime novelist?s short story ?It?s All Right ? He?s Dead.? But it explores themes still relevant 60 years after Chandler?s death.
As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn of Global Crisis
A strain of malaria resistant to two drugs, including artemisinin, which was once seen as a miracle cure, is spreading, and experts fear that it could reach Africa.
Living With Cancer: Giving Thanks for Survivors
Living with the disease for almost a decade has made me more susceptible to the sorrow of unrelated but potentially horrific suffering.
Well : Activity Trackers Don?t Always Work the Way We Want Them To
"You can?t just give a child a Fitbit for Christmas and expect them to be active,? one expert said.
Podcasts for Thanksgiving: 11 Episodes That Go Beyond the Bird
Tap into the holiday spirit with these podcasts, whether you?re looking for some history, tips, a little existential perspective or simply to be entertained.
The New Health Care: How I Lost Weight and Learned to Love Thanksgiving Again
When we moralize about food, we remove joy from eating and forget the benefits of moderation.

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